Thy Tax Partner


Book Keeping & Accounting Services
Depending on our client's requirement we partner with them as their book keepers and help them in keeping their books properly maintained and preparing their annual accounts including Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account. Keeping proper books of accounts are the need of every individual so that in case they need funds or loan in future, they can to do so easily.
PAN/TAN Registration
Obtaining a PAN becomes mandatory for every individual once they have taxable income. PAN is the registration of an Individual with the Income Tax Department. TAN is required for the individuals for whom tax audit is mandatory. Hence, both PAN & TAN are becoming inevitable in the current times. At DCS, you get to register the PAN & TAN at absolute ease. Your PAN & TAN is just an e-mail away!
Service Tax Related Matters
In recent times, there are lots of complications faced by Individuals & small businesses in understanding the provisions and various issues related to taxation and Service tax is one of such matters. We are here offering best of our services to them on matters related to:
  • Service Tax Registration
  • Service Tax Payments
  • Filing of Returns
  • Maintenance of Necessary Records
Income Tax Return Filing
There are lots of people in our country who still have not filed their Income Tax Returns because either they don't have knowledge of the same or they find it very difficult and cumbersome to prepare and file the return. As per the need of the statutes it is not only mandatory but also obligatory on the part of Individuals or Proprietors having Salaried Income or Business Income or Income covered under any other head to have their ITR filed with the Income Tax Department in order to prevent themselves from coming tax burdens.

DCS is here to help them out in ITR filling with reliable computation, tax payments and in fulfilling various related compliances.
Tax Refund
Tax Refund is the refund of taxes paid in excess of the tax liability. Taxpayers often get their tax refund but this may be after an unexplained delay. We help our clients in quick processing of their Tax Refund and thus save from them unnecessary harassments. Our dedicated team gives significant importance to your issues and deals them with optimum care.
Rectification/Assessment/Appeals with Tax Department:
To deal with the process of rectifications and assessments in the various tax departments is a matter of botheration for many assessees. We, at DCS ease up the entire process of the assessments. These assessments especially Income Tax Assessments need specialized knowledge of the proper documentation and the tact to handle the assessments. Not only in the Income Tax Departments, but also in other Tax Forums such as Service Tax, DCS provides you services of being your Authorized Representative for various assessments. The efficient practitioners at DCS ensure the best possible favorable outcomes and orders of the assessment. We will keep our best try to keep your tax burden at the lowest.

We, at DCS, also file appeals on your behalf at various tax forums with the appropriate authority if you remain aggrieved by the assessment orders. The knack of maintaining the appropriate paper work and attending the tax authorities timely giving your case individual priority distinguishes us from the rest of the service providers in this area.
Revision of Returns:
In case the Income Tax Returns or Service Tax Returns are processed with errors, the option that lies with the assessee is to revise the returns. We help you to make these revisions hassle free for you. We assure you that these revisions will be made as error free as possible.
Tax Consultancy
We undertake to provide consultancy on Direct taxes, Indirect taxes, Personal Taxation Planning and Tax compliances all under one roof. We offer you services related to Foreign Remittances Certifications with complete documentation considering the guidelines of RBI and following the rules of DTAA.

We provide you the best opinion for tax saving. When the law gives us so many opportunities to save taxes, why to evade them? Hence, we work on the entire legal canvas to help you pay minimum taxes. We assure you that our opinions will be strictly based on the legal fronts keeping into mind the tax laws and decided case laws.
NRI Taxation
Taxation for non-residents seem a very complex matter for the general public. We aim to help you out in accounting and matters related to non-resident taxation, delivering services like-
  • Determination of Residential Status
  • Handling of issues related to remittances of foreign currency
  • Advisable suitable tax savings investments
  • Interpretation of DTAA with a view to reduce tax liability
Business Solutions and Counseling
The ultimate aim of any individual today is to make money through diversified business techniques. We aspire to become THY PARTNERS in all your financial worries. Your association with DCS is assured to bring you satisfaction. We aim to prepare the best solutions on all aspects of your multi-faceted queries.
Other Opinions on tax Matters
DCS is a single platform where you can reach and get answers to all your queries on any matters related to taxations or such other allied matters. Utmost Excellence is our benchmark and Diligence is our Motto.